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2023.10.28 New release!

■Product description

“BLAST2023” is born!

From this work, the STEEL model is back! !

The BLAST series was a simple straight model.
2023 is the year of evolution, and we have renewed our design concept!

Along with its visual impact, it has evolved into a model with the best grip feeling.
The combination of Yoshimura Barrels' proud "CUT SLICK" and the newly applied shark block cut creates an exquisite grip. [This model has excellent release properties and is easy to control the barrel! ]

Without a doubt, this is the finest masterpiece in the history of the BLAST series.

■Product specifications
Material: 95% tungsten
Total length: 53.0mm

Maximum diameter: 6.2mm
Barrel weight: 19.0g
Screw type: STEEL
Center of gravity: center

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