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GLOW 2023 [2BA]

GLOW 2023 [2BA]

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“GLOW” full model change!
In 2023, it will be reborn as Solid Torpedo.

The outline has been shaved down to be slimmer than the previous work, and the diameter is set to φ7.2mm.
We are particular about the grip feeling, and the moment you put the barrel on your fingers, you will feel a comfortable feeling that will be transmitted to your fingertips.

It has the feel of a straight barrel, but also has the grip of a torpedo, and the combination with "CUT SLICK" creates a stable grip.

The barrel has been designed to provide a hard grip while allowing delicate control with a natural release when released.

Barrel balance is set to the center of gravity on a single unit.
The barrel balance in the air is also very good and provides stable flight.

◆Barrel balance
・Center center of gravity
・Front extraction depth 12mm
・Rear extraction depth 12mm

Yoshimura Barrels' barrels are manufactured one by one by Yoshimura's skilled craftsmen using high-precision processing machines.
Only barrels that have passed strict inspections are sent out, so feel the value of barrels made by craftsmen in your hands!
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